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Experience testimonial on ANAREX-BIO

by Nippon Koi Garden in Brecht, The Netherlands

At last a product that keeps it’s promise.

When offered Anarex Bio approximately two years ago, the sales representative having told us that this was a miracle remedy for many ailments, we were extremely sceptical. We’d seen many of this kind before and besides some exceptions they were all equally disappointing. However, we’d known this representative as an honest man for years and decided to allow him to supply a small quantity of his product to us. It remained in our store-room for six months. Because all our fishponds are equipped with an overflow system and therefore a constant flow of fresh water, it would have been irresponsible to add Anarex Bio, as it would have landed in the sewers. We actually didn’t have any sick fish at the time to test it on either. Anarex Bio was eventually forgotten in the corner of our store-room.

Until that terrible earthquake hit Niigata on 23 October 2004. Millions of koi were killed and many thousands were injured and infected by polluted water that streamed into their fishponds. We were still in Ojiya the day before the earthquake. We flew home immediately. We had escaped the disaster. However, our koi selection was in dire straits. Part of them had died but approximately five hundred had survived, although some of them seriously injured. We really wanted to keep these fish and therefore decided to fly them over, as we were in a better position to care for them here.

Restrospectively this was the greatest mistake we’d made in years. Although we have years of experience in the upkeep of fish, we didn’t make any progress. On the contrary, the lesions/wounds were increasingly becoming larger. No matter what we tried, the fish didn’t react to any product or antibiotic. Apparently they’d contracted some pathogenic bacteria that seemed to be immune to all known remedies. We lost some very expensive specimens and were desperate. Many fish were in a very bad condition and we had to have a few euthanised. Eventually, at the end of our whits, we remembered Anarex Bio. According to the product description these lactic acid bacterial stems would be capable of extinguishing most pathogenes. We decided to try it. All the injured fish were placed in a pond together. We cut off the overflow and added a double dose of Anarex Bio, thinking that if it didn’t help, it wouldn’t hurt either. These fish were lost anyway.

Yet nothing was lost at all.  To our great amazement the fish started displaying signs of recovery and some of them surprisingly soon. They went back to eating and being lively. Two large koi farther away still died but we had no other losses. Six weeks later all fish had recovered completely. Ones with larger lesions did retain scars but on most of them all their scales returned entirely. This was excellent. We had never expected it.

Since then, Anarex Bio has become a fixed value in our enterprise. We sell it to our customers with absolute confidence. We recommend the use of Anarex Bio preventively, just as they were used to use the Aqua Bio tablets or the Genesys in the past. According to our research results Anarex Bio will prevent any difficulties with bacteria. Especially after winter, when the koi are weakened and easily susceptible to illness procreators. Even after treatment with chemical parasite repellants, it serves as an excellent buffer. A major advantage of Anarex Bio is it’s long lasting effect compared to other preventive products that have to be repeated on a weekly basis.

Not often are we prepared to link our reputation to any product this significantly, however due to the exceptionally good results that we have experienced personally, we are confidently able do so.

Piet Jacobs – Nippon Koi Garden.